Lunate Facet Malunion with Osteotomy
Case Presentation: A 36 year old gentleman sustained a wrist injury ...
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Distal Radius - 3 plates with Hardware Removal
Case Presentation: 30 year old gentleman injured his distal radius (wrist ...
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CRPS Images - Franko
The following images represent classic signs and symptoms of Complex ...
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Median Nerve Allograft - Franko
History/Diagnosis: This patient is a 35 year old gentlement who sustained ...
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Complex Hand and Forearm Motorcycle Accident - Franko
History/Diagnosis: This patient sustained a very severe motorcycle accident with open ...
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Radius Shaft Fracture ORIF - Franko
History/Diagnosis: This gentleman sustained an isolated radial shaft fracture.  Treatment: Radial ...
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Bilateral Forearm ORIF
History: 22 year-old male injured in a motorcycle accident with bilateral ...
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Steroid Skin Blanching - Franko
The following images demonstrate the temporary depigmentation and atrophy effects ...
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Phalanx Fx x 3 with IM screws - Franko
History: 39 year old gentleman came to the office after a ...
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Table Saw Skin Graft - Franko
History: 63 year old gentleman sustained a table saw injury to ...
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PIP Joint ORIF - Franko
History: A 19 year old gentleman injured his middle finger joint ...
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Deep Palm Infection - Franko
History:  71 year old female presented to the hospital about ...
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Flexor Tenosynovitis - Franko
History: A 55 year old female with diabetes presented to my ...
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Segmental Galeazzi ORIF - Franko
History: 24 year old gentleman presented to the hospital after crashing ...
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Open Galeazzi - Franko
History: 58 year old male was hit by a vehicle and ...
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Radius and Ulna Shaft ORIF - Franko
History: 25 year old male injured his left forearm and ...
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Mallet Finger CRPP - Franko
History: 31 year old female administrator injured her finger about ...
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Essex Lopresti ORIF - Franko
History: 53 year-old male presented to the hospital after falling ...
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Olecranon Sled - Franko
History: 47 year old woman sustained an elbow injury when she was ...
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Humerus Nonunion ORIF - Franko
History: 53 year-old female came to my office 5 weeks after ...
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Olecranon ORIF Plate - Franko
History: 79 year old gentleman sustained an elbow injury when ...
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Humerus ORIF - Franko
History: 29 year old female sustained multiple injuries after a car ...
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Distal Radius Osteotomy - Franko
History: 55 year old female had sustained a left wrist fracture ...
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Nail Bed Avulsion - Franko
History: 18 year old male injured his index finger after dropping ...
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Mucous Cyst Bilobed Flap - Franko
History: 44 year old female with a chronic mass at her ...
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Finger Crush - Franko
History: 37 year old gentleman was in a motorcycle accident where ...
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Dorsal Wrist Skin Graft - Franko
History: 61 year old female sustained an injury to her right ...
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Bilateral Galeazzi ORIF - Franko
History: 21 year old male presented as a trauma patient after ...
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Thumb Arthritis - Franko
History: 51 year old female with right thumb pain that had ...
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P1 Percutaneous Screws - Franko
History: 40 year-old male school principal came to my office ...
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Clavicle ORIF - Franko
History: 23 year-old male who injured his shoulder and collar bone ...
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Bennett CRPP - Franko
History: 28 year-old male injured his thumb in an automobile accident ...
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P1 Intramedullary Screw - Franko
History: 31 year-old male had a crush injury to his right ...
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Distal Humerus ORIF - Franko
History: 51 year-old male cyclist who was hit by a ...
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Distal Radius ORIF - Franko
History: 62 year-old male fell in his backyard injuring his right ...
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4th/5th MC Dislocation - Franko
History: 20 year-old male punched a wall with his right ...
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Wrist Fracture (severe) - Franko
History: 24 year-old female Warriors dancer fell at work and ...
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Olecranon Wireform ORIF - Franko
History: 75 year-old male who fell and injured his hip and elbow ...
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Fingertip V-Y - Franko
History: 39 year-old female who amputated the tip of her left ...
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Scaphoid ORIF - Franko
History: 23 year-old male who came to my office with pain ...
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Metacarpal IM Screw - Franko
History: 30 year-old right-hand dominant male Sheriff impacted his left hand ...
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DRFx Wire under Plate - Franko
History: 46 year-old male who was injured while skateboarding on ...
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Distal Humerus - Franko
History: 60 year-old male who injured his left elbow while riding his ...
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Scaphoid Non-Displaced - Franko
History: 52 year-old male who fell directly onto his right ...
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DRFx Fragment Specific - Franko
History: 64 year-old female who was in a motor vehicle accident ...
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P1 Derotation Osteotomy - Franko
History: 21 year-old female who fractured her left index finger in ...
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Thumb Amputation FDMA Flap - Franko
History: 25 year-old male injured his left thumb using a table ...
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Patient Case (Franko) #14014 – Clavicle ORIF

Patient Case (Franko) #13035 – Distal Humerus ORIF with Olecranon Osteotomy

Patient Case (Franko) #13338 – Comminuted Olecranon Fracture ORIF with Tension Wire
Patient Case (Franko) #13673 – Distal Humerus ORIF with Osteotomy


Patient Case (Franko) #12217 – Distal Radius Fracture Severe Intra-Articular with Dorsal Plates
Patient Case (Franko) #13512 – Distal Radius Fracture Extra-Articular
Patient Case (Franko) #13344 – Distal Radius Fracture with Ulna Tension Suture
Patient Case (Franko) #13047 – Distal Radius Fracture with Ulna Styloid Tension Band and Spring Wire

Patient Case (Franko) #12644 – Scaphoid Waist Occult Fracture
Patient Case (Franko) #13231 – Scaphoid Non-Union Bone Graft

Patient Case (Franko) #13217 – Metacarpal Fracture Intramedullary Screw
Patient Case (Franko) #13504 – 4th and 5th CMC Fracture Dislocations with CRPP
Patient Case (Franko) #13815 – Bennett Fracture CRPP

Patient Case (Franko) #11849 – Proximal Phalanx Malunion Derotation
Patient Case (Franko) #13754 – Proximal Phalanx Intramedullary Screw
Patient Case (Franko) #14417 – Proximal Phalanx Percutaneous Screws

Patient Case (Franko) #12836 – Thumb Amputation FDMA Flap
Patient Case (Franko) #13275 – Finger Tip Amputation with V-Y Advancement