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  • Dr Franco was the most knowledgeable physician I have ever been to! I have worked in the field for over 30 years and never have I encountered anybody like him! I saw 4 different Dr.s at kaiser( all horribly incompetent) so I decided to pay out of pocket- Glad I did- He clearly understands medicine! He did a thorough exam...

    Marlene S.

  • The best surgeon Dr. Stein of all I appreciate all he has done to help my destroyed arm. It has caused me so much pain from plates that have broke inside a few years back replaced it a reconstruction surgery which was very scary and worrisome but overcame it,along with carpal tunnel..etc….more hardware repair that has caused pain which I...

    Kim W.

  • Went in for a wrist injury, was x-rayed, diagnosed, treated, did a push up, and was out the door within an hr including paperwork. This is my go-to place for wrist injuries from now on. Dr. Franko is a hand/wrist Jedi. Super friendly staff as well.

    Jason T.

  • Great experience with Dr. Franko! Went for a consultation re my daughter’s hand fracture (which thankfully did not require surgery so can’t speak to Dr. Franco’s surgical skill). Dr. Franko was thorough, patient, kind and generous with his time. He showed my daughter where her fracture was and explained it in terms that weren’t scary and were very practical. He...

    Dina Y.