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I am very happy to be a patient of Dr. Franco. I look forward to my upcoming surgery to repair my thumb, and all his staff and everyone in the office Are very nice people, caring, and do a wonderful job!!!!!!

I’ve seen dr. Franco for my tendinitis 3 times now. He is awesome! I was having a very difficult and painful time caring for my then infant son.
Dr. Franco gave me a cortisone injection and said my hand would be pain free in 3 days(I found it hard to imagine). When I woke up on the 4th day I was able to take off my brace and it was as if I’d never has tendinitis!
Thank you Dr. Franco!!!

As a new patient, my information was acquired easily, the staff very attentive and timely, I was greeted by Dr Franco within minutes and treated kindly. More importantly, Dr Franco listened carefully and responded appropriately. Being able to X-ray my arm right in the room, a thorough explanation of my situation was easily understood. I will look forward to his continuing care!

Yo fui paciente de Dr. Orrin Franko y estoy muy satisfecha con el trabajo de el. Yo estaba fracturada de mis dos manos y gracias al Dr. Franko ya puedo mover mis manos, cocinar y manejar. Me siento feliz y liberada. Gracias a el mi vida cambio y ya no dependo de nadie. El equipo de Dr. Franko es excelente y hablan español. Si usted necesita un doctor les recomiendo al Dr.Franko. Gracias Dr. Franko

I broke my wrist in a scooter accident where I had to undergo the first surgery. Upon returning home I visited Dr. Franko for a second opinion, because I was still in a lot of pain more than 6 weeks past the fracture and initial surgery.

Dr. Franko was very professional, took easy and quick x-rays of my hand in his office during the first visit (no additional wait time) and could identify that the screws on the wrist plate were too long and been causing my pain and slow recovery. Even though I didn’t have the health insurance, he provided me the best possible help, and the best possible price for the second surgery that was needed to take the screws out. I am very grateful that he considered my current financial situation and did his best to help.

I am now 3 weeks post surgery and my wrist is healing great and is better than ever since the fracture. Somehow even the scar got smaller and thinner than the original one from the first surgery abroad. I highly recommend Dr.Franko and wish all doctors were as interested in their field as dr.Franko is!

The only point for improvement is the surgery waiting area. But for the price I paid, still strong 5 stars.

Dr. Franko was very professional and thorough. He quickly moved on getting my surgery done and making me feel comfortable. I would highly recommend Dr. Franko to anyone with hand, wrist or arm pain.

Dr. Franko was gentle, kind, professional, skillful and reassuring as he gave me a cortisone shot to the left knee. He was true to his word because I am no friend to pain…. very low to no tolerance for it. I felt the needle sting then in seconds it was over. The pain relief has been amazing. I had this shot before in my right knee and the experience was a complete nightmare awaking. I screamed so loud that it put me and doctors in a bad place. I vowed never to do it again. But Dr. Franko changed all of that. I was looking at another total knee replacement, but not anymore. Dr. Franko I salute you for doing what you know so well. And you are such a kind professional. Most professionals do not have time to be kind but Dr. Franko wears it like a badge of honor. You’re in good hands with Dr. Franko.

Everyone was professional and very nice. Things were explained well and all my questions were answered. I would recommend Dr franco to anyone.

Broke my hand mountain biking. Surgery went perfectly. Very happy to have my hand back 100%. Thanks Dr Franco!

I’m very pleased with the results of my surgery. I’d definitely recommend Dr. Franko to friends and family. Dr. Franko is professional and personable. I believe you’ll be happy with the service/results you receive from him, his office staff, and if you require PT post treatment, you’ll be happy with the PT staff too!

My name is Terreen Masters, I saw Dr Franko for the first time January 9th 2019. I have been suffering with my right hand wrist and hand. As much as I hate needles, he gave me an injection to help relieve the pain, so far I am starting to feel some relief, I know it will take a week or two but I’m confident that it will help…I would refer him to family and Friends…Thanks Dr Franko, see you next time.

Great Doctor, identified the problem very quickly, explained it well and provided the right treatment. Highly recommended.

If I had to do another Surgery, I would definitely go to Dr. Franco without hesitation. That is the very best recommendation I can give. The office is great. Dr. Franco is professional, competent and Compassionate.

I was pleased by the care Dr. Franko provided. He was very attentive and quick to take an image of my wrist to assess my injury. I was able to recover from my injury, he recommended the appropriate work restrictions.

After suffering with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome in both my hands for many years, I decided to have the surgery. I found Dr. Franko on the internet so naturally I was a little cautious. After meeting him and discussing the surgery, I felt at ease with my decision. His office staff were efficient, helpful and professional. I had both hands surgered on at the same time at the San Leandro Surgery Center by Dr. Franko. The facility was clean, well organized and professional. I arrived at 9:30am. I was home by 11:30am with both my hands repaired. Dr. Franko is highly recommended by me for your carpal tunnel surgery. He’s skilled and professional and very capable. Two weeks post op and no problems at all. If you’ve got carpal tunnel syndrome, I recommend Dr. Franko for your surgery.

I have been treated for several months by Dr. Orrin Franko, for CTS and trigger finger, during my office visits I never had to wait more that 5 min. to be seen for any of my appointments. His office staff has always been kind and respectful. In Oct, I had to have surgery and it took all but 1 hour and 45 min., from check-in and for me to going home. I am able to return to work with in 2 1/2 weeks it been all such an amazing experience. Dr. Franko is a great Dr. and is recommended highly.

Dr. Franco is absolutely the best! He recently did a middle finger and ring finger trigger release. No complications and within a week and a half I had full use of both fingers and no pain whatsoever. My compliments to him, his surgery staff and also the office staff. They’re all very polite and comforting and you’re well informed on what to expect from the procedure being performed.

Dr. Franko is a fabulous, caring, Harvard Medical School trained orthopedic surgeon. He gave me great care, fixed my broken bone, and even called me once personally to check in on me. This is the doctor you want to care for you. Smart and compassionate.
also.. the entire staff is wonderful. His assistant Marcella conveyed my messages and helped me get a Physical therapy place that took my insurance. everyone in the office took such great care of me and made it easy for me to visit and get better. thank you to all of you xo

I am an RN, familiar with Dr. Franko; I already knew of his excellence due to caring for his patients from time to time. I knew of his attentiveness, quality, skill and kindness, and frequently would hear my patients and colleagues speak highly of him. When I broke my wrist and needed surgery, a fellow orthopedic surgeon referred me to him and I experienced the quality of Dr. Franko’s work first hand. The referring surgeon told me, “He is young, but he is REALLY good. The OR staff speaks very highly of him. You are in the best of hands”. Dr. Franko told me he loves what he does. I can see in him sheer genius as a surgeon and having a nature of exceptional quality.
I also had the best of experience with his office staff and also the OT clinic post surgery. They were all knowledgable and I felt their nurturing, healing qualities.

I recently was seeing Dr. Franko through a referral for my severe sharp pain in my left wrist and elbow I have experienced for quite awhile! I was so pleased with my experience from the time I called in to make to the time I left his office. With two small injections into my wrist and elbow, I was able to feel the big difference, the inflammation was gone right away! I experienced some pain for a few hours after the shots, but the next morning I felt very good, my pain went from rate 10 high down to 0.5. I am so happy that I did not have to go through surgery!

Thank you Dr. Franko and his staff for their Excellence Services!

I definitely will recommend anyone suffering from rheumatoid arthritis! Please see Dr. Orrin Franko asap!

I was pleasantly surprised to meet Dr. Franko who came out to the waiting room to greet me on my first visit. I went in to see him because of excruciating pain in my left wrist. After clearly explaining my choices for correcting the DeQuervaine Syndrome, he gave me a cortisone shot and I left his office with no pain. He explained what would happen next and told me to come back if I felt any discomfort again. I would recommend Dr. Franko to anyone who needs hand pain relief. He is an awesome doctor!

Dr.Franko was the doctor i was referred too and let me say from the first time i met him he was awesome and was trying to fix my problem with my carpal tunnel on both hands ASAP! I got my surgery done on July,19,2017 and he was very professional as well as his staff i fully recommend him i’m very thankful to him and his team for the great work and the awesome service i’m three weeks since my surgery and i feel great got full motion and function of my wrist hands and fingers.!

Dr Orrin Franko is friendly, very professional , ready to listen to your needs and prescribe the best treatment for you. I would recommend Dr. Franko to others needing orthopedic needs or an evaluation. 5 ***** for Dr. Franko

I worked for an orthopedic surgeon for fifteen yrs and know that doing my homework and reading reviews are important. Any negative reviews are most likely to be by workman’s comp patients with secondary gains in not returning to work. I saw this many times in my job as well.
I was seen initially by his PA who I had full confidence in and who followed standard protocol in starting with conservative (injection) treatment for the painful arthritic condition in my left thumb. Surgery was my next option and I felt totally confident in Dr. Stein. and Jenifer was equally supportive and even called several times to check on me post-op. I felt care about.
Dr. Stein’s many years of experience and prior history of clinical work speak volumes. He is highly intelligent and educated, detail oriented, works quickly (generally surgeons have deadlines and scheduled procedure that can’t wait) double checks himself (he can’t afford errors and neither can his patients), has a healthy sense of humor and genuinely seems to care about his patients.
My thumb is 80% in improvement which is just above normal for this surgery, and I know from the x-ray that he was skilled in the work performed, Mike and Jerry are great Hand therapists, and my recovery is tops!
I highly recommend this surgeon, and his excellent rehab dept and staff as well. I still have carpal tunnel work to be done on my right and am happy to have a continual connection. I genuinely enjoy being around the people there which is an important factor for recovery.

One Friday night, I chopped off the tip of my middle finger. I brought the amputated chunk to the ER that night, hoping they would sew it back on. They told me all they could do was stop the bleeding (NOOOO! Super sad face filled with tears), so they sent me home in bandages and recommended I see Dr. Franko. Couple days later, I was admitted to Dr. F’s; he highly suggested a V to Y flap surgery, immediately, to avoid bone infection and a possible abnormal looking finger. Surgery was quick; I think all of 30 minutes. I’m still healing 3 months later, but glad I saw someone who knows what they’re doing.

Dr. Franco is such a smart doctor. He knows exactly what he is doing, knowing that he went to school for years. He’s very kind and helpful. He’s taking good care of my dad right now while I’m writing this review, and also making my dad feel that he’s in good hands. He’s very funny too! He has a very good sense of humor which lessens our worries, meaning that I know that my dad is in good hands. Most of all, he’s good looking as well (haha). He’s very quick, the surgery went by fast & smooth. Now, looking forward for my dad to get heal fast & less pain. He explains everything

Dr. Orrin Franko surgically repaired my broken clavicle (collarbone) and I couldn’t picture the operation going smoother. Looking at the x-ray myself and seeing the extent of the break, I myself really couldn’t picture a strategy of putting it together. Dr. Franko seemed confident and I now see why. He’s a very thorough and professional person. I’ve never had to recommend a surgeon before, but if that day comes I will be pointing pointing his direction. Thanks Orrin, Patrick

Today, April 6, 2017, I had my final check-up with Dr. Franko for my broken wrist and the results were amazing. Bones were healed as I had fractured my radius and ulna. The outcome was even more wonderful because I have osteoporous and that could have complicated the outcome. Just before Christmas I slipped and fell on my kitchen floor and had braced myself with my left hand and broke the bones with all the weight I had put on them. I first went to an orthopedic surgeon who looked everything over and said due to the severity of the break that I had best go to Dr. Franko who saw me immediately. He was just wonderful and took time to explain course of action which meant surgery and insertion of a plate. I was apprehensive but he put me at ease with the way he immediately knew what course to take and his caring manner. The surgery went well and was over in an hour. He was even nice enough to call me that evening to see how I was doing. I could go on and on about how wonderful he and his staff were to me but for now just know he is the best. My wrist is just like new and I am so grateful.

Dr. Franko is a wonderful physician. I am a new patient of his, and I had my guards up. Surprisingly, he and his staff, made feel like they’ve known me for years. He talked to me to calm, my nerves and when I opened my eyes he was placing a bandage on the injection cite. I knew I have found my new doctor. He and his staff were all amazing and provided Excellent Customer Service.

I was referred to Dr. Franko by the emergency room at Eden Medical Center where I was treated for a broken humerus (Not funny at all!) last November and I’m so happy that’s where they sent me.
Unfortunately I need to see many doctors for various maladies associated with my disability (which has nothing to do with my broken arm) and it’s refreshing to meet a doctor like Dr. Franko. He’s a rare gem.
Not only is he knowledgeable and caring but he also is the kind of doctor that includes you in all decision making which is very important to me.
He discusses all the choices available and explains the pros and cons of each thus giving you the opportunity to make the final informed decision as regards to your body.
He never rushes through a consult and answers all the questions you might have in a friendly as well as professional manner- plus he’s funny!

I was referred to Dr Franko by my orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Portorff when I went to him with my dislocated elbow from a trip back home. As soon I met Dr Franko, I felt at ease with his calm demeanor and soothing voice. He listened to what I had to say, did not dismiss my concerns or what I was experiencing, which was very refreshing. He took the time to explain to me my x-ray scans and what his diagnosis was, what sort of treatment he was recommending, and what he hoped to accomplish. He included me in the decision-making process, being upfront with the pros and cons, and did not give me any high unrealistic expectation. Going in for the surgery, I knew what to expect and I felt very comfortable and at ease. My follow up visits with Dr. Franko was very good and it is easy to talk to him with your slightest concerns. He strives to make you feel as comfortable as possible by answering your questions and concerns. He explained to me why I was experiencing a certain symptoms by showing me the scans and pointing out what was the issue.
Thank you Dr Franko for your excellent care as I could not have found a better doctor to treat me in my time of need.

I visited Dr. Franko this morning for a knee injury. He was meticulous and extremely thorough with his evaluation and instantly made me feel at ease. Dr. Franko is incredibly knowledgable and is by far one of the kindest and most compassionate surgeons I have ever seen. I would highly recommend his services!

I would give Dr. Franko a TEN (10)
Dr. Franko is very calm and explains everything to you.
Very good bedside manners before and after surgery.

First time here, saw Dr. Franko. Very pleased with the attention and the option to my condition. Although I had seen other doctors about my symptoms, I feel Dr. Franko gave me a more sincere opinion and expectations. because of that I’ve been pain free since I left his office, and can hold off on surgery.

I went to the emergency hospital and I met Dr franko he was great .He sealed my wound
perfectly. fantastic Dr I left feeling amazing.

I feel extremely well taken care of by Dr. Franko and his staff. He is nice person and excellent surgeon. I had a surgery of my elbow and I am going through recovering process now . He genuinely cares about me and all my problems, he is efficient. His Physical Therapy team is also very kind and on top of everything! I highly recommend DR. Franko.

Dr Franco gave me hope were whispers in the ER said otherwise. He walked into my Hospital room on Thanksgiving morning @ 6:00 AM with his little boy and said “I’ve seen your x rays and with your permission I would like to see your hand.” After 4 minutes he said ” We have very good muscle to work with i think we can give you some if not most of your mobility back.”
WOW! Dr Franco gave me hope and he has not let me down! He is caring, professional and is willing to go that extra mile to make sure your well taken care of and it show how much he loves his work.
He deserves 5 stars!!!

Dr. Franko was wonderful with my 5 year old son who had broken his elbow. He was friendly, fast, efficient and most importantly comforting to a scared little boy. They took us in as walk in patients and were very helpful. I highly recommend Dr. Franko.

After a serious accident I was approached by Dr. Franko for authorization to perform emergency surgery on my badly broken (shattered I heard) wrist; my hand was dangling from my arm. I was in Eden Medical Center Emergency Department and was aware but disoriented. I prayed for help with this decision and said yes. My prayers were indeed answered and after 3 months of healing and physical therapy from EBHMC, I am able to use my hand. Dr Franco was gentle, kind and understood my worry as he led me through recovery. I’m beginning to do simple daily activities. It will be a while before my hand is normal-whatever that will be, but I know this excellent surgeon’s knowledge and skills saved my HAND! I whole-heartedly recommend Dr. Franco and the physical therapy team.

I am so very grateful to have had Dr. Orrin Franko as my Ortho Surgeon! I broke my wrist, falling backwards on my roller skates and crushed the big bone at the wrist, the distal radius was fractured…it was really bad. Upon meeting with DR Franko, we discussed my options and I decided on surgery. I had a very good experience, and the surgery went so smoothly. It is now 4-weeks post surgery and I am now in a splint. I have full use of my wrist, hand, and fingers again 🙂 The scar is straight, and barely visible and I have NO pain. DR. Franko has a great bed side manner, which was very reassuring; this guy knows what he is doing, so I would recommend him to all. The rest of the staff at EBHMC were also pleasant and efficient, which made my thoroughly difficult situation so much easier to deal with. Not to mention, their Physical Therapy practice, across the hall, I am actually enjoying, and that has also been extremely helpful. I am very satisfied with my experience there as a whole, and the other Dr there, Dr Stein, was also very kind to me, they have a great Practice.

I had an elbow fracture and I met Dr. Orrin Franko before the surgery. He explained me why I need the surgery and he described all solutions that he had. I trust Dr. Franko and I had no anxiety before the surgery. He did a perfect job and I am on recovering process now. I appreciate the Hand Therapy team for attention and help during my recovering. The staff is caring and compassionate. Thanks.

My experience today started out on a good foot when the receptionist was courteous, very efficient, and most importantly on-time so I didn’t have to wait any longer than expected.

Dr. Franko was pleasant, very informative, gave me a quick diagnoses and provided me with all options when treating my hand.

Although I hate to admit that I dislike going to any kind of doctors appointment, this was a very pleasant experience and will definitely be using Dr. Franko again for any of my future orthopedic needs.

was referred to Dr. Franco fot wound infection, his office called me 1st thing the next morning to schedule an appointment that afternoon, i was concerned about wound being treated because was still sensitive, Dr. Franco had great disposition from
moment we met,good sense of humor, very incouraging, ,treated wound carefullly, i barely felt it, was very thorouh in answering my questions & concerns.
felt well taken care of. in fact tha was 1st comfortable nights sleep i had in weeks I highly recommend Dr. Franco for my care.And his staff, which is also very friendly & accomadating!!!

Dr. Orrin Franko MD
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 by Ben in San Leandro, CA

Don't mistake Dr. Franko's brevity and efficiency for anything other than super smarts and knowing exactly what's going on in your hand, without needing a long, detailed explanation. His advice was right on the money, as a second opinion I got confirmed everything he'd said. He gave me the best daily wound care advice of all the professionals I saw, and I would urge any patient to do exactly as he says, especially wrt motion & frequent epsom salts soaks, if you want the best possible outcome.

 by Daniela Ammerman

Pleasant, skillful practitioner! Two quick shots, a little after care info and done! Within one week, pain free!! Highly reccomend.

 by Patrick O'Neill in Castro Valley, CA

I am so very fortunate I was able to find Dr. Franko! From a small cut, turned to bad infection, Dr. franko quickly and confidently assessed and determined the level of damage and set a solid plan of action. In attempting to avoid surgery (knowing I work with my hands), we tried and anabiotic regimen, but unfortunately the infection bevame too suvere. The next day Dr. Franco operated and did an amazing job removing the infection with minor incisions. Quick recovery thanks to Dr. Franko!

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