My philosophy of patient care is founded on the following principles:

  • Respect– I believe effective patient care occurs when both the doctor and patient respect each other’s time and differing opinions. When a doctor truly values the patient’s time equally as much as their own, patients respond with respect and understanding regarding many issues that are relevant to medical care. Patients often differ with their physician regarding issues that pertain to their condition, and although the physician may not agree, it’s paramount that the doctor respect the patient’s opinion. Lastly, patients sometimes have fears, and it’s important for the physician to recognize and handle those fears with empathy and patience.
  • Trust– In order for a patient to put their health in the hands of a physician, they have to trust the physician to do their best to fix the problem. Mutual trust is crucial to successful medical outcomes.
  • Skill– A surgeon develops his or her skill set over decades by treating thousands of patients with difficult problems. I have been, and continue to be, dedicated to improving my skills and expanding my knowledge base.
  • Commitment– I have created and run EBHMC for over 15 years, and I believe that commitment, day in and day out, to patients with health problems is how a physician creates value for the community- one patient at a time. I have demonstrated that commitment further by asking Dr. Franko to join my practice, so we will be able to continue to serve our patients and community at an extremely high level for decades into the future.
  • Judgement– Not all patients need surgery, and knowing when to operate and when not to is an acquired skill set based upon education and years of experience treating patients. I believe that my judgment is excellent.
  • Familiarity– In order for a patient to truly enjoy their interaction with a physician, they have to feel the physician is not above them. To be relatable, a physician has to maintain balance in their own life and be willing to share personal experiences, when appropriate. I believe that the quality of medical care is elevated when the physician instinctively knows when patients need trained educational information or advice and when they need familiarity.

Both Dr. Franko and I welcome you to EBHMC and promise you will receive up to date care delivered with skill and empathy.

Andrew Stein MD