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Dr. Andrew Stein
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by Anonymous on Dr. Andrew Stein

I went to Dr. Stein for a whole bunch of issues, and he was as knowledgeable and as friendly as could be. I had bilateral carpal tunnel, cubital tunnel, and tendon repairs by Dr. Stein after another surgeon (who I went to first) attempted to help me and totally messed up. When Dr. Stein saw me he talked to me and explained everything that would need to happen– he was straightforward and honest. He doesn’t sugar coat your diagnosis (whether you like it or not!) which is great, and exactly what I want from a medical professional!

My results were outstanding. I went from basically not being able to use my hands or arms, with terrible pain and numbness and the inability to make a firm fist, to having full use of my hands and arms. His office staff were really helpful, including the therapy side of his office.

I could not recommend this office highly enough!

P.S.– I saw in other reviews that people are upset from Dr. Stein saying their issues may be weight related, due to how they are sleeping at night, or due to gender. Those things are real risk factors, every hand surgeon I saw had the same conclusions that my problems were most likely caused by how I sleep at night and being female. In fact, before surgery, Dr. Stein tried to correct the nerve damage I had via braces I slept in at night. It wasn’t until my nerve damage got worse even after the brace-attempts that he said I needed surgery.

by Anonymous on Dr. Andrew Stein

I had ulnar nerve relocation surgery in 2013. It was the best choice I’ve ever made regarding my health. And Dr. Andrew Stein was the perfect doctor for me. I followed his recuperation plan exactly as he prescribed and I was healed and ready to return to work in less than half the time I had expected. Dr. Stein has a great reputation within his field. I feel fortunate to have been a patient of his. I write this after a few years of referring as many people as I can to Dr. Stein.

by Anonymous on Dr. Andrew Stein

Dr Stein has treated me for two carpal tunnels, nine trigger fingers, one cubital tunnel, and a frozen shoulder over the past ten years. Every single procedure was a complete fix with ZERO reoccurances. I cannot imagine the pain I would have gone through if he and his staff hadn’t taken care of me so well and so quickly. He is extremely patient, confident and really explains what is wrong with you and your options. I would never go to another doctor if I had the option.

On a side note he has had the same amazing therapists, nurses and PA, Jennifer since the first time I went to him. They are all a wonderful team!

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