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Dr. Stein has been designated one of the Bay Area’s “Top Doctors” of 2019 by San Francisco Magazine. Read more here!

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If anyone ever had or has had any issue with your hand or wrist and need surgery for either or just need a second opinion . I highly recommend to be seen and call Andrew Stein MD office. I went through A bad experience I fell and fractured my wrist and had to have surgery. My hand and wrist looked deformed I couldn’t even do my hair or use much my left hand much . I thank God I was right handed. I couldn’t do much it was so hard for me . I had an HMO kaiser insurance and I had no choice but to go there and have surgery. I had a bad experience no offense . I was able to change my insurance to a PPO plan. I was approved I had promised myself I was going to get a second opinion and I went to see Andrew Stein MD . I had an X-ray taken which he has in his office which is awesome . I was treated right away he told me I have to have a second surgery I told him can you fix my wrist when he said YES. I cried I was able to have surgery on my deformed wrist. I was so happy you don’t realize how hard it is until it happens to you. Andrew Stein MD and his colleague Jennifer S. are the best. I have been A patient now for over 10 years. I had to see him recently and he still has his
Beautiful personality very compassionate and really loves his job has a great attitude and he will do what he can to fix the problem for you to make you feel better. I Really appreciate all he did for me and I will never forget him. I also would like to let everyone know he is one the fewest Doctors who also accept Alameda Alliance FYI
That is very helpful. I’m so Thankfully Blessed for all he did for me.

I was extremely pleased with my experience. Dr. Stein was very pleasant, knowledgeable and capable. He took time to understand my situation and explain his plan. I am a surgeon and I have had recurring issues with “trigger finger”, so this wasn’t my first experience with this problem. Dr. Stein’s approach worked perfectly and my very inflamed and uncomfortable “trigger” improved nicely. Within a few days the pain was completely gone and within a few weeks I had full ROM without any further triggering.
I would highly recommend Dr. Stein to any of my patients, friends or family.

They are all amazing! Had a mask and sunglasses on and before said a word…. they said Hi Mary Ann., we got you and have a seat and Dr will call you… hahahahaha I was empress even with a mask on… they knew me… Wow! This STAFF, and Doctors are a team that put you in and out. Dr. Stein, listens and explains! They are Family and has my Respect!

I visited the Hand Medical Center with excruciating pain in both elbows. Dr. Stein operated on each one in complicated surgeries he’s performed many times, enabling me to have almost no pain, much better range of motion, and avoid a disastrous elbow transplant. I found Dr. Stein to be intelligent and open, he and his staff upbeat and caring. Would recommend these people any day!

3/24/2020 Updated review
Love these people, all of them, and what a crew they have. From the reception ladies, to Jenn who does all the intake for Dr Stein, to the Doc. All questions were answered, info repeated several times, so it sunk in, pros cons, everything. Who would have thought you’d be having a conversation and laughing while having surgery!!! I had trigger finger surgery.

I was very pleased with the attentiveness of this facility and how they explained the process step by step so that my mom would understand and I was very pleased that they cared enough to call her and follow up with her after her surgery later on that day. Thank you doctor Stein.

Dr Stein performed bi-lateral carpal tunnel release surgery and trigger finger release. Everything went smoothly and everybody working there was very kind, helpful and efficient. Everything was done right there in the same building. Probably the easiest surgery experience I’ve ever had. Easier than a trip to the dentist, and definitely more pleasant. I was amazed at how quickly my hands/wrists healed up. Glad I found Dr Stein and his staff. If you’ve ever thought about having this surgery done, I would say there is no reason to wait any longer, and I strongly recommend Dr Stein. The procedures have come a long way (no more slicing the wrists open), and healing time is amazingly quick.

I just want to say how happy I am that Dr. Stein at East Bay Hand Medical Center was my doctor. I had been suffering for months with my left wrist hurting. My PCM referred me to Dr. Stein, two months later and he had me fixed in one visit and I was back to my old self using my hand within 2 days. The staff were very good as well. We realized he also did my husbands carpal tunnel surgery on both wrist 20 years ago and he has not had a problem since. I can not say enough good things about his service. Thank you.

I had to have surgery on both wrists on separate occasions. I cannot recommend Dr. Stein highly enough. The professionalism and caring of Dr. Stein and his staff is beyond compare.

Doctor Stein is the best wouldn’t let anyone else touch my hands when surgery was needed. God Bless you Doctor Stein.

5 years ago I had painful arthritis in my left thumb, which made it hard for me to grip things. Dr. Stein did a surgery on me that he had developed and it went very well. Recovery went well and now I have no pain and my works like new. Recently I had bursitis in my elbow and got treated by his PA. That also went very well. I can highly recommend dr. Stein and his staff.

Dr. Stein is a very skilled surgeon. He rebuilt both of my thumbs several years ago and I have been pain free and fully funtional for the entire time. At my last visit a few days ago his diagnosis was was quick with a successful treatment at the same visit. During the treatment he kept asking if I was comfortable. His staff is friendly and helpful. I highly recommend Dr. Stein and his staff.

Dr. Stein, you rebuilt both my hands about 17 yrs ago. Just wanted you to know that I am now approaching my 78th birthday and have had zero problems with either hand even though I have continued to lift very heavy weights at the gym. I have willed my body to Stanford University so your work will eventually be seen at the anatomy class. (Hopefully not for a few more years.)

I have been going to Dr. Stein for several years due to a trigger finger on both hands. As the cortisone shots were no longer working, I had surgery on both hands earlier this year. Dr. Stein and his staff were professional, knowledgeable and capable. It has taken me several months to write this review as it took me a few months for my hands to feel normal again. I would highly recommend Dr. Stein and his office. An added bonus is that he makes the patient feel comfortable and that is important to me. Follow-up from his office was great and I would do the surgery again.

I’ve had carpal tunnel in both my hands for many years. I continually procrastinated having surgery out of fear. My experience with various “specialists” for my hands has been negative causing me to wonder: Who can I trust? I know friends and acquaintances who’ve already had this procedure and shared their outcomes with me; some had good results while others weren’t totally pleased.
The condition of my hands over the years was not improving and I wasn’t getting any younger. Finally, I went to my primary care physician and she recommended this Medical Center where Andrew J. Stein, M.D. is on staff.
Kudos to my P.C.! It is one of the “best referrals” I’ve ever had! I’m not very trusting when it comes to the medical profession. My expectations were very low. Upon my initial visit to his office, Dr. Stein himself came out called my name and escorted me into his office. I still cannot explain why but in just moments of meeting him, I was very comfortable in talking with him. He was very professional, thorough and friendly. I was confident that he knew what he was talking about and I felt assured that I was in “good hands”.

His staff was wonderful. They knew how to take care of business and yet were friendly: very professional. Dr. Stein operated on both my hands the same day. BOTH MY HANDS! I can honestly report: This is the BEST surgery I have ever experienced. I did everything Dr. Stein and his staff suggested that I do. My hands are healing and feel wonderful. “Simply the BEST”!

Dr. Andrew Stein removed three ganglion cysts from the middle finger of my right, on Jan. 23, 2018. The surgery was less than 30 minutes. Finger healed fine, with no scare. I am very satisfied with the staff and Dr. Stein.
Thank you for a job well done.

I had two surgeries performed on my right hand by Dr. Stein. The whole process from beginning to end was done very professionally and with very little subsequent pain. His entire staff, and assistants, always made me feel comfortable, and Dr. Stein told me what he was going to do on the hand repair, and what to expect afterward during subsequent follow up treatments and therapy.
From my experience, I have the utmost confidence in Dr. Stein’s expertise and professionalism, and could not be more pleased with the end result of the surgeries. I would recommend Dr. Stein to anyone who is having any hand surgery which requires the utmost of care and precision that Dr. Stein provides. Pardon the pun, but you cannot be in better hands than those of Dr. Stein.

Well what could I say about my Experience with Dr. Stein and his staff which is quite large , lady’s at the front desk , his assistant Jen , the nurses , anesthesiologist and the physical therapists. First of all it was one of my favorite experiences with surgeries (yes I’ve had a few) all the staff were very pleasant , shout out to Jen for a listing ear! mike in physical Therapy I enjoyed our talks (and still will cuz I’m coming back) you are truly a warrior DAD keep up the great advocating for your gem of a son you rock …Autism awareness Then there’s Dr. Stein …. I love the fact that he, him self came in the room and put my iv in before sugary and also love the fact that even after I woke up on the table (yes I sure did , before he started to operate on my elbow) found out I can’t do local ‍ He made sure I was nice and awake and pain free and continued on , thank you DR. Stein and staff ! Oh yeah one more thing, he sings while he operates, and that I loved it showed me he was calm, in a good mood,loves what he does and doesn’t care if he could carry a tone just kidding he has a great voice , no really he does ! Ok well I guess I should say my surgery’s were a success and I’m 7 weeks in and I’m ahead of schedule on the healing process thanks again Physical Therapy I’m going to miss you guys when it’s all over OK OK one more thing my scar is so nice and straight and is healing very nicely on my elbow and my carpal tunnel surgery can’t even tell I ever had it ok I have to say I would highly recommend Dr. Stein and his staff if you ever have any wrist and elbow and I believe shoulder check them out

Dr. Stein is a very skilled surgeon. He rebuilt both of my thumbs several years ago and I have been pain free and fully funtional for the entire time. At my last visit a few days ago his diagnosis was was quick with a successful treatment at the same visit. During the treatment he kept asking if I was comfortable. His staff is friendly and helpful. I highly recommend Dr. Stein and his staff.

Having alot of trouble with my hands, i had to make a decision to go see a doctor and that is when Dr. Steins named came highly recommended, so i went to see him. I have not had any surgery in over 12 years so of course i was terrified. I walked into his office and i was immediately put at ease, and was told all of the steps that would be taken to releave me of pain that has become unbearable. Dr. Stein and his staff listened to all my questions and concerns so when i went into surgery i was fully aware what was going to be done. The staff at the surgery center were amazing and made me feel so comfortable, and made me laugh at times. After the surgery i came home and knew what to expect and my recovery went very well!. I just had my last appointment and my left hand has healed very well and the fusion in my thumb along with the carpal tunnel is excellent; still have a little discomfort but that is to be expected compared to what i had before. When my hand is a whole lot better, I need to get my right hand done and I am looking forward to having Dr. Stein perform it, he has such a gift to help patients that have the same problem as i do. I highly recommend him to anyone.

I saw Dr. Stein for Dupuytren’s Contracture in my left hand. The result of the initial enzyme treatment looked good for a while, but–unfortunately–did not last. In the course of a few months my ‘pinky’ turned inwards, almost to the base of my wrist. When Dr. Stein suggested surgery, it wasn’t much of a choice for me, given the debilitating condition. The surgery went very well. When the bandage and splint came off, 10 days later, I was greatly astonished about the minimal amount of incision. Having watched a few YouTube videos about this type of surgery, I expected more of a zigzagging landscape over the better part of my palm and pinky. Dr. Stein explained to me that he didn’t believe in this standard procedure–although he lost me a bit when he got into the finer points of his procedural reasoning. All I can say is that at this point–some five weeks after the surgery–I am very satisfied with the progression of the healing, the regaining of function in my left hand, and the allover treatment received by Dr. Stein and his staff.

I am a returning patient to Dr. Stein office. I have had a series of hand surgeries done by him (actually, the first 2 surgeries Dr. Stein performed on me at different surgery centers, 2007 – 2009. Later ones were performed at the operating room, adjacent to his office.) The surgeries, I had, were – left shoulder, moving the ulnar nerve (under the Funny Bone) on the left elbow, number of “trigger fingers” (when your fingers do not want to straiten after you squeeze your hand). I also had “tennis elbow” syndrome on the same left elbow – Dr. Stein treated it with a simple, inexpensive technique; he just injected my own blood to the outside knuckle of my elbow (the presence and circulation of the blood, heals the symptom by itself). When working on my fingers, he also performed carpal tunnel surgeries on both of my hands. All these surgeries yielded perfect results. My hands healed well and worked fine after all these treatments. Dr. Stein is a true professional and he knows what is he doing.
Lately, I have developed another big complication, this time with my (again) left wrist. I headed back to Dr. Stein’s office. He diagnosed it as a stage III SLAC wrist, gave me 3 options for its treatment and let me research and decide which treatment I want. Also, I should mention his assistant Jennifer, whom I also know since my first visits. When I later asked for her advice, she was very patient and helped me a lot with making my final decision. Finally, I decided on a smaller surgery with an option of having “wrist reconstruction” later, if necessary. So, I got a lot of help and no pressure. Surgery scheduler, Maria, whom I also know from my previous visits, is also very nice and pleasant to work with.
Again, I have full confidence in Dr. Stein and all his stuff. I will later post another review of the outcome of this upcoming procedure.

Dr. Andrew Stein was one of the most honest, professional and caring doctor’s that I have ever encountered. If you are looking for great work and a trustworthy surgeon, you should seriously consider using his care!

Dr. Andrew Stein treated me for left submuscular ulnar nerve transposition and left carpal tunnel release. I had a great experience with Dr. Stein and his staff. Dr. Stein and his PA, Jen were great. They both explained everything thoroughly. I would highly recommend Dr. Stein.

My experience with Dr. Stein and his staff was wonderful. I had surgery on both hands, on the same day. Within a week I was back to work an feeling great. Their professionalism and expertise were top notch. I would recommend Dr. Stein to anyone in need. I am so glad my Physician referred me to this office. My thanks to all.

Dr. Stein removed ganglion cyst from my left wrist in the surgical room located ten yards from his office. I recovered very quickly as expected. Thanks to Dr, Stein for his professionalism and kindness.

Dr. Andrew Stein
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I went to Dr. Stein for a whole bunch of issues, and he was as knowledgeable and as friendly as could be. I had bilateral carpal tunnel, cubital tunnel, and tendon repairs by Dr. Stein after another surgeon (who I went to first) attempted to help me and totally messed up. When Dr. Stein saw me he talked to me and explained everything that would need to happen– he was straightforward and honest. He doesn’t sugar coat your diagnosis (whether you like it or not!) which is great, and exactly what I want from a medical professional!

My results were outstanding. I went from basically not being able to use my hands or arms, with terrible pain and numbness and the inability to make a firm fist, to having full use of my hands and arms. His office staff were really helpful, including the therapy side of his office.

I could not recommend this office highly enough!

P.S.– I saw in other reviews that people are upset from Dr. Stein saying their issues may be weight related, due to how they are sleeping at night, or due to gender. Those things are real risk factors, every hand surgeon I saw had the same conclusions that my problems were most likely caused by how I sleep at night and being female. In fact, before surgery, Dr. Stein tried to correct the nerve damage I had via braces I slept in at night. It wasn’t until my nerve damage got worse even after the brace-attempts that he said I needed surgery.

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I had ulnar nerve relocation surgery in 2013. It was the best choice I’ve ever made regarding my health. And Dr. Andrew Stein was the perfect doctor for me. I followed his recuperation plan exactly as he prescribed and I was healed and ready to return to work in less than half the time I had expected. Dr. Stein has a great reputation within his field. I feel fortunate to have been a patient of his. I write this after a few years of referring as many people as I can to Dr. Stein.

 by Anonymous

Dr Stein has treated me for two carpal tunnels, nine trigger fingers, one cubital tunnel, and a frozen shoulder over the past ten years. Every single procedure was a complete fix with ZERO reoccurances. I cannot imagine the pain I would have gone through if he and his staff hadn’t taken care of me so well and so quickly. He is extremely patient, confident and really explains what is wrong with you and your options. I would never go to another doctor if I had the option.

On a side note he has had the same amazing therapists, nurses and PA, Jennifer since the first time I went to him. They are all a wonderful team!

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