Dr. Franko has performed a high volume of successful wrist fracture surgeries.  Also referred to as a broken wrist, broken hand, or broken forearm, this includes distal radius fractures, ulnar fractures, scaphoid fractures, wrist dislocations, buckle and torus fractures, osteotomies for malunions, and other injuries about the wrist.  He has pioneered the use of carefully shaped wires placed beneath traditional plate and screw fixation constructs to capture small bone fragments and uses a variety of fixation techniques including volar plates, dorsal plates, fragment specific fixation, spanning plates, external fixation, closed reduction with pinning, closed reduction and casting, and splinting.  The specific treatment best for you and your fracture is based on each individual’s personal needs and fracture pattern.

The following images highlight pre- and post-operative injuries and outcomes.  For more details about these cases and others, check out Dr. Franko’s Patient Stories.

                Before                                  After