DRFx Wire under Plate – Franko

DRFx Wire under Plate – Franko

History: 46 year-old male who was injured while skateboarding on Christmas Eve. He presented to the hospital with severe pain and deformity in his left wrist. X-rays showed a severe wrist fracture with intra-articular impaction, displacement and angulation resulting in severe pain, swelling, and deformity as well as a displaced ulnar styloid base fracture.

Diagnosis: Left intra-articular distal radius fracture and ulna styloid fracture

Treatment: Open reduction and internal fixation with a combination of plates, screws, and wires.  A photo from the operating room (below) shows the use of pins to hold two of the fracture fragments supported beneath the plate. 

Outcome: At 2 months he was doing very well with a healed fracture and working on improving his motion.  A view of the Right wrist is shown as a comparison for alignment of the joint surface.

He returned at 4 months for a final check and demonstrated full motion, no pain, and no limitation to any activities. He was very happy with his result.