Wrist Fracture (severe) – Franko

History: 24 year-old female Warriors dancer fell at work and injured her left wrist.  She presented to the hospital and was diagnosed with a severe distal radius fracture (wrist fracture).  After undergoing a closed reduction (re-alignment of the bones) in the emergency room, Dr. Franko recommended surgery to provide strength and stability to the bones and allow them to heal properly. 

Diagnosis: Left intra-articular distal radius fracture with ulna styloid fracture

Treatment: Left distal radius open reduction internal fixation with tension suture for ulna styloid

Outcome: At her first post-operative visit she transitioned immediately to a removable splint and began working with hand therapy on motion and strength.  Her scars healed quickly and she regained motion rapidly. 

At only 10 weeks from surgery she is fully healed with nearly normal motion and strength.  She will return to dancing for the Warriors just in time for playoffs!

Her incisions are healed beautifully!