Mallet Finger CRPP

History: 31 year old female administrator injured her finger about 3 weeks prior to seeing me in the office.  She had a fracture-dislocation of the finger tip, also known as a mallet finger or mallet fracture with dislocation. I recommend surgical treatment.  To avoid making an incision, I recommended percutaneous pin treatment. 

Diagnosis: Right ring finger mallet fracture dislocation

Treatment: Percutaneous reduction with pinning.  Intra-operative technique shown here. 







Outcome: The small fragment pin was removed in the office after 6 weeks.  The longitudinal pin was removed after 10 weeks because she could not make an earlier appointment.  She had no pain, fully healed, and was using her finger normally.  By her last visit, some bridging bone could be seen across the fracture.