Median Nerve Allograft

History/Diagnosis: This patient is a 35 year old gentlement who sustained a glass puncture injury to his forearm about 3 weeks before presenting to my office for evaluation.  He initially did not think the injury was severe, but due to continued pain and numbness was concerned that it may be more involved.  His exam was consistent with numbness in the median nerve distribution and a laceration suggesting a median nerve injury. I recommended exploration and allograft repair. 

Treatment: Intra-operatively he was found to have a completed laceration of the median nerve.  I resected the nerve to healthy tissue and performed an allograft repair with suture and fibrin glue.


Outcome: He did very well during his recovery.  He recovered nearly 100% of his finger motion.  His sensation improved every visit and by 6 months he had sensation and tingling into the tips of his thumb, index, and middle fingers.