Dr. Franko and family

Dr. Orrin Franko’s Patient Promise

I strive to deliver to my patients the highest level of honesty, expertise, and compassion.

Honesty. I promise to always be honest and direct with you, answering any questions based on my training, experience, and the best available scientific literature.  Patients recognize that medicine is imperfect and that not all conditions have an ideal solution.  As your doctor, my responsibility is to deliver the best available information to help you and I make the best decision to meet your goals.

Expertise. I aim to deliver expert care equivalent or better than the most famous surgeons in the world.  I believe that the personalized approach of private practice medicine, combined with rigorous scientific outcomes monitoring and implementation, allows for the safest and most efficient delivery of medicine.  Through innovative technology, experience, and rigorous continuing education I intend to ensure that my patients achieve the best possible outcomes anywhere.

Compassion. Patients are partners, and I strive to treat every patient in a way that best serves their values and goals.  Each patient has individual needs, desires, and concerns about their own health that go beyond X-rays.  These individual traits impact the decision to pursue various treatments, testing, and even surgery.  I promise that I will listen and work with you to develop an ideal treatment plan tailored to your values that may or may not include surgical options.