DRFx Fragment Specific – Franko

History: 64 year-old female who was in a motor vehicle accident and admitted to the hospital for severe injuries including a fracture of the distal radius and distal ulna (wrist) on her left wrist. X-rays and CT scans showed a severe wrist fracture with intra-articular impaction, displacement and angulation resulting in severe pain, swelling, and deformity.

Diagnosis: Left distal radius fracture

Treatment: Open reduction and internal fixation with 3 plates, screws, and wires

Outcome: At 4 months she was doing well with a healed fracture but with persistent pain and irritation over the dorsal aspect of her wrist and limited motion.  After working hard with physical therapy, we agreed to removal the dorsal plates and screws to reduce discomfort.  

Just 1 month after removing the dorsal plates and screws she was already improved.  Scars were fully healed and her motion was almost back to normal.  Strength is still improving.  She is very happy with the result.