P1 Derotation Osteotomy – Franko

P1 Derotation Osteotomy – Franko

History: 21 year-old female who fractured her left index finger in a car accident 2 years ago.  She was treated without surgery which resulted in the bone healing with a rotational deformity.  She notices that her index finger crosses over her other fingers when she makes a fist. 

Diagnosis: Left index proximal phalanx rotational malunion

Treatment: Left index finger proximal phalanx derotational osteotomy with locking blade plate

Outcome: After re-fracturing and fixing the bone in proper alignment, she no longer had “crossing over” of the index finger with flexion.  She worked hard with physical therapy and regained nearly all of her motion without any pain in the finger. 

Great motion and no pain about 4 months after surgery.