Distal Radius Osteotomy – Franko

History: 55 year old female had sustained a left wrist fracture 3 months prior to coming to my office.  A different surgeon treated her with a cast for 6 weeks followed by brace.  For the prior 2 months however she had progressive pain, swelling, and numbness/tingling in her wrist and fingers suggestive of carpal tunnel syndrome.  X-rays showed the fracture did not heal properly and she was very bothered by it.  She requested the distal radius be fixed. 

Diagnosis: Left distal radius malunion with carpal tunnel syndrome

Treatment: Distal radius osteotomy through volar approach with iliac crest bone graft and carpal tunnel release

Outcome: Over the first 2 weeks after surgery she had immediate improvement in her carpal tunnel symptoms.  As the pain improved, she regained full motion and strength in her wrist.  All of her pain was alleviated and she was very happy by 3 months after surgery.