Segmental Galeazzi ORIF – Franko

History: 24 year old gentleman presented to the hospital after crashing his motorcycle.  He had obvious deformities to his right forearm and wrist.  I evaluated him and recommended surgery for his complex radial shaft and DRUJ injuries. Intra-operatively he was found to have multiple shaft fractures, further complicating the surgery. 

Diagnosis: Right wrist and forearm Galeazzi fracture

Treatment: Intra-operative findings necessitated and combination of pins and plate extensions in addition to standard volar plating and screws to capture multiple fracture components.  The sequence of fixation is shown here. 

Outcome: He did very well in the early post-operative period, making improvements in his wrist motion and forearm supination.  By 1 month he had already regained 30% of wrist motion and 50% of forearm supination.  He had very little pain and was slowly returning to activity.