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Lunate Facet Malunion with Osteotomy
Case Presentation: A 36 year old gentleman sustained a wrist injury while running and falling but xrays at the time were reportedly negative for a fracture.  He was given a splint
Distal Radius 3 plates
Case Presentation: 30 year old gentleman injured his distal radius (wrist fracture) while snowboarding.  He had a severe fracture with separation of the lunate and scaphoid facet fragments.  Intra-operative fixation required
CRPS Images
The following images represent classic signs and symptoms of Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, also known as CRPS.  Historically, this has also been referred to as sympathetic reflex dystrophy or causalgia.
Median Nerve Allograft
History/Diagnosis: This patient is a 35 year old gentlement who sustained a glass puncture injury to his forearm about 3 weeks before presenting to my office for evaluation.  He initially did
Complex Motorcycle Accident
History/Diagnosis: This patient sustained a very severe motorcycle accident with open injuries to the forearm, wrist, hand, and fingers.  There were fractures of the ulna, radius, ulnar styloid, thumb dislocation, metacarpals,
Radius Shaft Fracture ORIF
History/Diagnosis: This gentleman sustained an isolated radial shaft fracture.  Treatment: Radial shaft ORIF Outcome: He regained full motion and strength without any limitations  
Routine Checkups is an important part of children health.
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